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Ann Donohue

Secretary of Soi Dog Canada


Now happily retired, Ann enjoyed 25 years employed in various aspects of the hotel, destination management and hospitality industry, mainly in Marketing and Public Relations. In 2002, after living for over 20 years in the U.S., she returned to Canada with her two adopted dogs, Kuma and Sasha, and found work at the Visitor Information Centre at Vancouver International Airport. 

After both of her dogs passed away in 2007, Ann began pet-sitting for friends during their vacations, and now feels fortunate to spend time with a wide variety of dogs and cats. To this day, she greatly misses Kuma & Sasha.

Soi Dog Foundation first came to her attention on social media. After doing a bit more research, she made the decision to fly to Thailand and volunteer at the Sanctuary; a decision and experience that changed her in many ways, to the point of wanting to continue helping from home. 

Ann joined the Soi Dog Canada team as an airport volunteer, and assists in creating the regional newsletter.  Being on the board of Soi Dog Canada allows her to be even more involved in helping to spread the Soi Dog message, and help raise funds for Soi Dog Foundation.