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Annie Keeney

Board Member of Soi Dog Foundation USA 

Annie has been an animal lover and activist for as long as she can remember. While Annie has spent the majority of her career in the corporate world, previously in Investment Banking and currently in Private Equity, Annie has always had a deep desire to impact the welfare of animals, particularly dogs and cats, globally, and has immersed herself in a variety of volunteering opportunities that allow her to do so.

She grew up with dogs and after her most recent dog “child” passed away, she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to being a voice for the most unconditionally loving beings on the planet. Annie was horrified when she became aware of the existence of the Asian Dog/Cat Meat Trade, and wanted to do everything in her power to make others aware and fight it. She was thrilled to come across Soi Dog Foundation, the most impactful organisation on the ground that effectively eradicated the meat trade in Thailand. She started off as a volunteer with Soi Dog USA and grew her involvement to become the volunteer Social Media Manager in the USA, then joined the board of directors in October, 2020.

Annie currently resides in San Francisco, CA, and has a dream that the Asian Dog/Cat Meat Trade will one day be eradicated worldwide.