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Barby Wolfish

Treasurer of Soi Dog Canada


Barby spent 30 years in the travel industry before pursuing her real passion, which is dogs. Along with her husband David, she opened a pet supply store in Toronto, and has not looked back since.

Together, they have fostered many dogs through a local beagle rescue. In 2018, they adopted a 12-year-old Maltese and became a two-dog household. Sadly, Monty the Maltese passed away in 2019. They now spend their free time with their 15-year-old dog, Amy.

Barby first became aware of Soi Dog Foundation through a good friend and fellow dog rescuer who had previously adopted a dog from SDF. Volunteering with Soi Dog Canada is a great joy for Barby and she is heavily involved with organizing and promoting Soi Dog Canada’s flagship annual events.