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Bev Cartwright

Director of Soi Dog Canada


Bev has loved animals from the time she was a small child and over the years has had an array of them from goldfish to Oscar the horse and all sorts in between. She is currently proud mum to seven rescue cats and four rescue dogs, two of whom are Soi Dogs. Three of her dogs were victims of cruelty and have physical disabilities. 

After emigrating to Canada from Manchester, UK in 2002 with her husband Neil and their four cats, she became involved in various forms of animal activism. During those early years she also volunteered and fundraised for several different animal rescues across North America. 

In 2016, she came across Ricky Gervais on Facebook speaking about the horrors of the dog meat trade in parts of Asia and how Soi Dog was raising awareness of the plight of these poor creatures. She knew immediately that she wanted to get involved to help make a difference so reached out to Soi Dog Canada. Bev’s first assignment was airport support where she met and developed admiration and a firm friendship with fellow Brit and current Soi Dog Vice President, Sondra Sieminski. 

As a volunteer for Soi Dog Canada she has become actively involved in a variety of other roles which have included fostering, providing transport for dogs arriving into Canada, fundraising and hosting outreach events at local pet stores and the Pet Expos. She currently holds the position of Volunteer Coordinator and Airport Support.