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Candace Cornock

Director of Soi Dog Canada


Born in Vancouver and growing up in her hometown of Victoria, Candace has had a very deep passion for animals from an early age. She has lived with dogs since the age of four and has always been involved in animal rescue in some form or another, from volunteering at the Northern Alberta Wildlife Rescue station in Edmonton, caring for many beautiful animals including birds, porcupines, geese, owls, coyotes and bears, to helping various organisations in British Columbia, such as Ladysmith Pet Alert, the Saltspring Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and carrying out field rescue work for the SPCA.

Candace became involved with Soi Dog Foundation in 2011 after the loss of one of her beloved dogs. Seeking another rescue pup, a friend introduced her to Soi Dog Foundation’s adoption programme.
While researching Soi Dog, she was shocked and devastated by what she learned about the horrors that so many millions of dogs and cats face in Asia, and knew immediately that she had to do whatever she could to help. Candace began by gathering a few friends, organising fundraising events and supporters to help. Soon after, she founded Soi Dog Canada and formed a board of amazing volunteers who are each very dedicated, caring, and hard-working souls with huge hearts. Soi Dog Canada became a registered non-profit organization, helping to fundraise and build awareness of Soi Dog Foundation, to which Candace now dedicates her life to supporting.

Her furry family members are all rescues, of which she has ten: four dogs, one cat, one sheep, one rooster, two hens, and one miniature horse.