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Ella Todd

Board Member of Soi Dog Foundation International


Since childhood, animal welfare has been Ella’s guiding principle, in particular the injustice faced by animals bred for food.

Ella's career started as a researcher at the BBC’s Natural History Unit in Bristol before becoming a Producer of wildlife documentaries for BBC Worldwide in London. After six years at the BBC, Ella started her own production company, the first of its kind to produce high quality media for animal charities on pro bono bases.

Ella first visited the Soi Dog Shelter during a trip to Thailand in 2007. Amazed by the charities phenomenal CNVR (catch, neuter, vaccinate, return) achievements, and seeing the passion and dedication of Gill and John Dalley along with the staff at the shelter, what was supposed to be a quick tour turned into an intense week of filming to document life and work at the shelter. The feature length film (Soi Dog’s first ever film) was released in 2008 and saw the start of a longstanding relationship with the foundation and commitment from Ella to help.
Since then, she has produced more films for Soi Dog, most notably the ‘I Didn’t Know’ campaign film featuring Peter Egan, Ricky Gervais, Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley and Laura Carmichael and a Netflix documentary ‘Shadow Trade’ which highlights the foundation’s tireless battle to end the dog meat trade.

Ella lives in West Sussex, England with her husband, three young children and two dogs.