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Guy Wrench

Trustee of Soi Dog UK CIO


Guy’s early career as a racing driver is remembered by most for his spectacular crashes! Upon (very) early retirement from the sport, he trained as an understudy to the celebrated Swedish business woman, Eiwor Bohm, before returning to motorsport in a managerial capacity.

As a board member of Brands Hatch Leisure Group, he promoted the circuits final two Grands Prix (both won by Nigel Mansell) and launched racing driver schools at four circuits in the UK and one in Florida. When the Group’s owner was killed in a racing accident, Guy moved on, setting up his own creative agency with Brands Hatch as his first client.

Many business adventures later, Guy invented a product called Shell-Clad which is now used by trade show exhibitors the world over.

Business aside, Guy’s big passion has always been dogs and animal welfare. When his much-loved rescue, Kimba, passed on at almost 18 years, Guy sought solace at Soi Dog in Phuket and was overwhelmed by the wonderful work the charity performed.

Upon returning to England, he set up a fund raising organisation called Stop Eating Dogs specifically to raise money for Soi Dog and other charities fighting the dog meat trade in Asia.

Guy joined the board of Soi Dog UK CIO in July 2019 and shares his home with his newest rescue from Soi Dog, the very noble and aptly named Mr. Knight.