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Kendall Uggla

Soi Dog UK CIO Board Member


Kendall Uggla was born and raised in the UK, growing up with a plethora of animals including dogs, cats, horses and more. Kendall's love for animals can absolutely be attributed to her upbringing and constant surrounding and love for all creatures. 

Kendall attended Kings College London and studied International Relations. She started her career as an analyst at General Atlantic, a growth equity firm. Kendall is now based in Madrid, Spain, having moved to a private equity firm investing in renewable energy. She focuses on environment, social and governance (ESG) strategies for her firm and contributes to their fundraising efforts. 

Aside from work, Kendall is strongly committed to sustainability, conservation and animal welfare, spending her free time working with several organisations in the EU, Africa and Asia.

Kendall stumbled upon Soi Dog in 2020 and knew she had to get involved in its groundbreaking work, joining the UK Board in September 2021. Kendall and her family have helped to set up an additional CNVR team in Southern Thailand and look forward to supporting and bringing awareness to Soi Dog in whatever capacity possible.