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Kirsten Woodsford

Treasurer of Soi Dog UK CIO


Kirsten has lived with dogs all of her life. From the permanent residents in her childhood home to foster dogs to friends’ dogs on holiday. As a one-year-old child, her first companion was a giant Pyrenean Mountain Dog and she has loved dogs ever since.  

She first became involved with Soi Dog after visiting the Phuket sanctuary for a tour whilst on an extended holiday to Southeast Asia, returning soon after to volunteer for a month. One month quickly became two and by this time, she was hooked. She and her partner had been looking to spend a year in Thailand volunteering, and Soi Dog seemed the perfect place. In her words, she found the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved inspiring. 

Although she had no intention of adopting a dog, a short while later she fell in love with a handsome Thai Ridgeback named Wangdee, who had previously been mistreated but nursed back to health by Soi Dog and has lived with Kirsten and her partner since 2016.

Kirsten has worked in various finance and accounting roles for 25 years and is now putting her knowledge and experience to good use as treasurer of Soi Dog UK CIO.