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Louise Rose

Vice President of Soi Dog Foundation Thailand


Louise hails from the UK, where she spent the first 16 years of her working life in the corporate sector. Displaying a knack for organising both staff and processes, she quickly worked her way into senior management roles. Following a career shift in 2007, she built a thriving catering business.

Already involved with various rescue organisations in the UK and Europe, her affiliation with Soi Dog dates back to 2014, when she discovered the foundation’s successful work to end the dog meat trade in Thailand. Long being a passion of hers, animal welfare injustices had led her to wanting to make a positive impact specifically on the lives of dogs and cats in Asia.

She first volunteered at the Soi Dog sanctuary in 2015 and promptly adopted her first soi dog. In the years that followed, she would add another three rescues from Soi Dog and one from Romania.

Louise fulfilled the role of volunteer adoptions manager for Soi Dog in the UK between 2016 and 2018, managing all pre and post adoption support for animals who found their new homes there.

She relocated to Phuket in 2018 where she now lives permanently with her partner and their six rescue dogs.