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Vachira Thitalohakul

Treasurer of Soi Dog Foundation Thailand

Vachira received her high school education at Satree Phuket High school and completed it at Ashburton College in Canterbury, New Zealand. She also served as a volunteer for a YMCA youth camp in the United States. Later, she graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations and subsequently worked in hotel industry management teams. 

She now runs her own restaurant at which she hosts charity dinners to raise funds for Soi Dog. Vachira also encourages people to adopt stray animals instead of buying them. She leads by example in other areas of significant interest to Soi Dog, including providing food to stray animals in her own community, promoting the CNVR programme and urging the public never to ignore a sick or injured stray animal. She has been helping and feeding street animals for a long time and this is how she became involved with Soi Dog.

Her hope is to help the Soi Dog supporter community grow steadily and to one day see an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Asia.

Vachira spends her spare time with her eight dogs and ten cats.