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  • Sterilisation surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia and I understand anesthesia risks. 
  • I am aware that a diagnosis is necessary if the animal in my care requires treatment. I authorise the veterinarian or authorised person to perform the procedures listed above at the Soi Dog Foundation in accordance with professional standards. If the animal in my care is injured or harmed, or if the diagnosis or treatment plan is altered. I will not request responsibility from the Soi Dog Foundation. 
  • This dog or cat does not suffer from any underlying illness. And if any illness causes complications, I will take care of it and accept full responsibility. 
  • As the owner of the animal, I am aware that annual vaccination (rabies vaccine and combination vaccines) is my responsibility. 
  • I consent to Soi Dog Foundation performing sterilisation surgery on my animals. 
  • I agree that the Foundation will ear-notch my dog, as part of the CNVR project (to identify the animal as sterilised).