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Volunteering at Soi Dog

Soi Dog welcomes volunteers from all over the world to its sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand. Volunteers play a hugely important role in the socialisation of the animals in our care, in preparation of them becoming adoptable.

Equally as important is the fact that most of the 950+ dogs here love to walk and get some quality time out of the run environment they inhabit on a daily basis. And our 170+ resident cats also love the attention of visitors and volunteers alike. Enrichment for the animals is one of the key factors to maintaining their wellbeing and for dogs who spend most of their lives sharing a large run with up to 25 other dogs, the time they get outside of the run is so valuable to them.

The drop down menus below give you information on what it is like to volunteer at Soi Dog, what it’s like in Phuket and the area local to the Soi Dog sanctuary, and many other pointers about the volunteer experience with us.

Please note: The minimum length of stay for new volunteers is two days. 


We are consistently ranked highly on Trip Advisor as one of the best places to visit in Phuket. We welcome over 500 volunteers every year. There’s something here for everyone. Whether you like the rough and tumble of the main dog runs, the peace and tranquility of the senior dog runs, the feline touch in our cattery or the sheer cuteness of our younger dogs – you can be sure to find some amazing animals to spend your time with here at Soi Dog.



High season in Thailand runs from November to April. During this period, we are often blessed with many volunteers. As we can only accommodate up to 50 volunteers in our dog runs at any one time, it is often worthwhile to consider coming during the low season, when the weather is often just as good but the need for volunteers is that much greater.

We do, of course, welcome volunteers any time of year but cannot always guarantee that you will be placed in dog runs when volunteer occupancy is high. There are other activities available to volunteers during these times, general gardening duties and outdoor painting tasks being just a couple.

If you are flexible on when you can volunteer, please consider booking during the period from May to October. Rates for guesthouses are often lower and there are many other benefits to visiting at this time of year.

If you simply can’t wait any longer, click the link below to get started.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get over to Soi Dog Foundation and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!