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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 5 months
Colour: Black
Colour: Sable
Weight: 9 kg

Plessala would be pleased to be a precious pet. 

My personality: gentle, tentative at first, affectionate, curious. 

My story: One of the impacts of the global pandemic was the exodus of expats from Thailand. Their departure left many animals in a vulnerable position as one of the layers of protection from the dangers that surround us on the streets was gone. I was one of puppies found by a kind man on an island close to Phuket. He left Thailand and asked Soi Dog Foundation to take me into their care as he could not look after me any more. I was so relieved to be given safety and care. I am a bigger girl now and have grown up in the puppy runs. It would be pawesome to find a forever family and leave the shelter forever. Can you make my dreams come true? 

My needs: As a puppy I would appreciate your patience, help and guidance as I have never lived in a home before. House and obedience training would be great. Please click the button below to find out how I can travel to you.