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Thank you for your wonderful kindness in wishing to adopt from Soi Dog Foundation. By doing so, you are helping to save not one but two lives: the dog you bring home and the next dog in need who takes their place.

Caring for a pet is a lifelong commitment, and a Soi Dog rescue is not for anyone looking for an easy alternative. The majority of the dogs in our care were born on the streets and have never lived in a home, so they will require patience and understanding as they adapt to their new life with you.

The dogs available for adoption on our website have been cleared medically by our veterinary team and behaviourally by our behaviour team. However, as a result of previous injuries, some dogs may require medical care in the future. Others will also need extra time and support to adjust to their new environments.

We therefore ask that you consider the following questions carefully before you embark on the adoption journey with us:

  • Do I have the time and energy to care for a dog?

  • Do I have the funds for the dog’s lifelong care? (i.e. Food, toys, veterinary care, daycare if needed).

  • Is my home environment suitable? (i.e. Do I have enough space? Do I live in a pet-friendly area? Will a new dog fit in with the dynamic of my current pets?)

  • Do I have any major life changes coming up in the next year? (i.e. Moving house, changing career, having children).

  • Do I have the necessary permissions to house a dog? (i.e. From my landlord, council or other members of my household).

  • Am I able to take two weeks off work to help my new dog settle in?

  • Do I have the support I need to help settle my new dog in with my family and other pets?

  • Is a Thai street dog definitely for me?

As our dogs require specific homes and environments, our team will consider each application very carefully and thoroughly to ensure they find the right match for you and your lifestyle.

Ready to start your adoption journey? Please fill in an enquiry and our team will get in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!