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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 1 month
Colour: Brown and White
Colour: Brown and White
Weight: 18 kg

Can you make Sobino's dreams come true?

My personality: Cautious and tentative in new situations and when meeting strangers. I will need time to build confidence after I arrive. 

My story: Puppies born on the streets of Thailand are extremely vulnerable, and I was one no exception. No one knows what my background, but I ended up in a rubbish tip in Phuket, discarded like garbage. Luckily, a nice person found me and alerted Soi Dog Foundation to my plight. A rescue team collected me and brought me to the shelter for safety.

My needs: I don't get along with all the dogs I meet, so a home without a resident canine would be ideal. I am cautious when experiencing new things, so please be patient with me. Once I know people, I'm affectionate and seek them out for pets and cuddles. I have a big heart that I would love to share with you. Please click on the button below to make my dreams come true.