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Gender: Female
Age: 9 years and 1 month
Colour: Cream
Colour: Cream
Weight: 17 kg

The saddest story but the happiest smile

My personality: Sassy, independent, resilient.

My story: Behind my smile is a story of immense sadness and cruelty. My previous owner chained me up most of the day and left me behind when they moved away. The chain rusted and slowly dug into my neck. When I was eventually found and brought to Soi Dog back in May 2019, the staff needed pliers to break the chain and free me. I was also covered in ticks and fleas.

My needs: Because I had to learn to be my own doggie and stay strong to survive, I’m an independent lady, and I’m looking for someone experienced who understands dogs like me. I like my space, and I can be cautious when I feel other dogs are encroaching on that space. But when I’m relaxed, I enjoy a good pat and a scratch. What happened to me wasn’t my fault, and I need time and love to get past my ordeal so I can become the girl I was meant to be.