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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year and 4 months
Colour: Black
Colour: Cream
Weight: 14 kg

Bifur is ready to bid the shelter goodbye furever!!

My personality: sweet, gentle, tentative in unfamiliar situations, I walk well but am easily startled by loud noises. New things overwhelm me so we will need to take things slowly at first. 

My story:  My siblings and I were found near a resort in Phang Nga. People suspect we were abandoned as there was no sign of our mother or anyone to care for us. We were also skinny and clearly very hungry. Without skills to survive on the streets we were in danger from the territorial packs of beach dogs, congested streets and unwelcoming people. It was such a relief to be brought to the shetler for safety and care. 

My needs: As I am tentative in new situations I need a kind, supportive and patient family who will stand by me as I adjust to their world. I have never lived in a home before so everything will be new and strange. Please click on the button below to give me a chance to start my forever life with you.