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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 6 months
Colour: Cream
Colour: Cream
Weight: 18 kg

A white horse waiting for his shining human saviour!

My personality: Inquisitive, apprehensive, slowly blossoming into a superstar.

My story: I was rescued from the streets when I was two months old. Weak, feverish, anaemic and covered in mud, ticks and fleas – this is the awful condition I was in at the time. Fortunately, I got the care I needed at Soi Dog, and I grew stronger and healthier by the day. As I was rescued at such a young age, I don’t really know a life outside of the shelter. As scary as that might seem to a wary boy like me, I’m still eager to get out and explore the world at my own pace.

What I need: I can be shy and tentative during new encounters, but I’ve come on leaps and bounds recently. The staff who know me will attest to that. They like to joke that I’ll never make it to Crufts because I have no clue about walking in a straight line! However, in time, I think I can learn to trot as elegantly as a stallion. I sure have the legs for it. I just need a peaceful home to practise in and a loving family to cheer me on and help build my confidence.