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Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
Colour: Black
Colour: Tan and White
Weight: 16 kg

Will you get to know the real me?

My personality: Insecure but friendly and sweet.

My story: At the tender age of two months, my brother and I found ourselves struggling to survive on the streets and ended up skinny and weak. I was too young to remember how we ended up so alone and unwell, but luckily a kind local found us and reported us to Soi Dog. Upon entry, the vets noticed I was having difficulty using by hind legs, so they performed some different surgeries to help. Don't worry though, I've recovered from all that now and, although I do have my own special squatting walk as a result, I’ve adapted well and enjoy walkies.

My needs: My brother left the shelter to join his new family last year, but since I'm more of a sensitive soul, I needed some extra support from the behaviour team before I was ready to follow in his pawsteps. Although it still takes me a bit of time to get to know strangers, I enjoy making new friends nowadays and, once I do, I let them see the real quirky and sweet me. I'd like a home with a family who understands that I may need a bit of time to settle in and show them what a great family member I can be. Although I do enjoy going for walkies, the vets here advise that I take it easy due to my past medical issues. If you can offer me the life I'm searching for, please don't hesitate to let the adoptions team know so they can get started on getting me home to you.