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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 9 months
Colour: Tan
Colour: Tan
Weight: 16 kg

Nancy doesn't need anything fancy – just a safe place to rest!

My personality: Sweet, friendly, confident, socialises well with other dogs and love people. 

My story: For the first year of my life I lived in a construction camp. The kind people that lived there fed me scraps and kept an eye on me as I grew up. I was only about 4 months old when someone noticed that I was no longer able to use my hind legs. They suspected that I had been hit by a car and called Soi Dog Foundation for help. A rescue team collected me and brought me to the shelter for treatment. I was kept in the puppy run until I had recovered and now I'm ready to find my forever family. Please press the button below to see if that could be YOU!

My needs: As a street dog I experienced scarcity of food so I can be possessive of my dinner. Please feed me separately from other dogs to ensure that meal time stays a positive experience. I walk well on a lead so it would be great to explore the world with you. You may need to introduce me to lots of strange things as I have never lived in a home before. I am confident that, with your help, I'll soon learn what is expected of me and life will be just dandy.