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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 10 months
Colour: Sable
Colour: Sable
Weight: 22 kg

Camy is a cute, curious girl who is ready to come home

My personality: Friendly, sweet, curious, playful with other dogs. 

My story: I was abandoned on the streets of Thailand, tiny, defenseless and at the mercy of the dangers that surrounded me. No one is sure where I was born and what happened to my mother. I was a tiny several month old puppy when I was found, abandoned with my sibling, on the streets of Phuket Island. A rescue team collected us and brought us to the shelter where I was finally safe and warm with a full tummy. I have grown up the in puppy run and all I have known is the shelter. I would love to experience life as a precious pet for the first time - can you make my dreams come true? 

My needs: I am cautious at times when out walking, and wary of big men and strangers, so I will need time and patience while I get used to your world. I enjoy exploring the world calmly and gently, so let me take things at my pace please. Click on the button below so we can start our adventure together.