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Gender: Female
Age: 4 years and 10 months
Colour: Black
Colour: Sable
Weight: 18 kg

Zued is a good boy

My personality: Confident, gentle, curious.

My story: I was found outside a home, severely neglected. I was emaciated and covered in fleas. A concerned person contacted Soi Dog Foundation to intervene and remove me and my friend from our situation. I was only about a three years old and had lost any hope for a better life. Since I arrived at the shelter, everything has changed. I finally have enough to eat every day and kind people to care for me. I have won the hearts of staff, carers and volunteers since I arrived as I am such a friendly, sweet, gentle lad. 

My needs: I socilalise well with other dogs, so if you have resident dogs, we should get along just fine. I get excited for my walks and love to approach the people and other dogs I come across and take time to smell the flowers too. Please could you restore my faith in humanity, please adopt me today!