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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 8 months
Colour: Tri colour
Colour: Tricolour
Weight: 21 kg

Zuzano needs your patience and love

My personality: Gentle, tentative, nervous. 

My story: When I was just two months old, I was abandoned on the streets in an area where lots of big, territorial dogs lived. Being so young and having little to no survival skills, I was extremely vulnerable. To make matters worse, I had also fallen ill with a number of different health issues. By a stroke of luck, though, Soi Dog had a mobile team in the area at the time. They saw my struggle, rescued me and transferred me to the shelter for safety and treatment. 

My needs: My tough start in life has left me with trust issues, and I can be nervous in new environments and sensitive to loud noises. With this in mind, I will need time to adjust to my new home and patience as I do so. I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter of my life; it might just take me a little while to feel brave enough to embrace it all and let my true personality shine.