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John Higgs

Vice President of Soi Dog Foundation International, Director of Soi Dog Canada and Board Member of Soi Dog Thailand and USA. 


John grew up in England but has spent most of his 35-year working life in Asia, pursuing a career in IT. He moved to Phuket from Singapore in 2005 with his three dogs and cat.

After his Labrador, Jupiter, had an accident and lost the use of his back legs, John sought advice from Soi Dog’s very own John Dalley. A set of wheels was ordered from the USA and Jupiter went on to live a happy life living at home and swimming in the ocean every day until passing of old age at 14 years. During this time, John turned his attention to seeing how he could help Soi Dog - firstly by donating Soi Dog's first ever blood analysis machines and then joining the Advisory Board in 2008.

He served as Chief Executive Officer from August 2016 until September 2018 on a pro bono basis. He now serves as vice president and board member of Soi Dog International and as a board member of Soi Dog Canada, Soi Dog Thailand and Soi Dog USA.

John and his partner live on the southern end of the island where they are actively involved supporting Soi Dog's initiatives in the local community. They share the house with their extended family of 11 soi dogs of all shapes and sizes and a very understanding cat.