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Lillian Dinic

Board member of Soi Dog Foundation Thailand

Lillian moved to Phuket from Australia, where she lived and worked for most of her life. She ran a very successful real estate business in Sydney for ten years, prior to deciding to retire in Thailand. 

She encountered a turning point in her life when she experienced the Asian tsunami in 2004 while on holiday in Phuket and she witnessed the destruction of lives and livelihoods. More poignantly for her, she observed the suffering of all the animals and that nobody was doing anything to help them. The human catastrophe had consumed everybody.

Lillian began to find ways to help the animals who were suffering from the tragedy and during that process, she stumbled across three people trying to do the same thing: they were Gill and John Dalley and Margot Homburg – the co-founders of Soi Dog. At that time, the operation was in its formative years and still based in Phuket town. Lillian had found her calling. She started supporting them and was eventually able to move to Thailand and join them.

She remains active in the field of rescue on a daily basis in Phuket and on any given day, shares her home with dozens of rescued and fostered dogs.