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Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Colour: Black
Colour: Black
Weight: 18 kg

Are you ready for Arjum to jump into your life? 

My personality: friendly, energetic, affectionate, prefers women to men. 

My story: Puppies born on the streets of Thailand are lucky to survive. They are exposed to danger every day. I was lucky to avoid being injured for the first several months of my life until my luck ran out. No one is sure what happened to me but I was found with a big maggot infested wound on my head. I was brought to Soi Dog's shelter on Phuket Island where the medical team cleaned my wound and gave me the care I needed. It took a while but my wound healed, leaving me with a scar that will always remind me of my tough start in life.

My needs:  I am confident in familiar areas but will need time and support to build my confidence in new places. If you have men in my furever home it may take me some time to trust them, but with your help I'm sure I'll soon learn to love them as well. Please click on the button below to apply to adopt me.