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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 9 months
Colour: Grey

Being unique is in style these days! 

Are you looking for an exotic addition to your family? If so, I’m your girl. My name is Citra and as you can see from my photos, I’m not your average dog. My silver coat, golden eyes and sleek ridgeback make me unique and leave me standing out from the crowd. Some people even say I look like an Egyptian Sphinx.  

Tragically, like many of the residents here, I came to Soi Dog after I was struck and injured by a motor vehicle. I was in immense pain until the Vets at Soi Dog treated me. Although they could not save my leg, I still have the ability to bounce around the shelter with ease. Having just three legs has never slowed me down, and the highlight of my day is always walking with the volunteers and basking in their attention.  

I will be a great addition to any family looking for a loyal and affectionate companion. While I get on with other dogs here, I absolutely adore a human’s undivided attention. I look forward to the day when I can enjoy all that life has to offer such as strolling through the park or snuggling on the couch. I know Thailand seems far away, but the Soi Dog adoptions team can help bring us together. Click the “adoption enquiry” button below to start the adoption process!