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Gender: Female
Age: 6 years and 8 months
Colour: Cream
Colour: Cream
Weight: 13 kg

I want to be your friend, I just don’t know how yet

My personality: Nervous and wary yet sweet and brave.

My story: I was rescued in August 2020 after getting my leg caught in a snare. It was intended to trap a wild boar, but I fell victim instead. I was trapped for at least five days before someone saw me and called Soi Dog for help. Despite the pain I was in, I wouldn’t let anyone come close to me, but the rescue officers didn’t give up easily, and they were eventually able to bring me to the shelter for treatment. My leg was purple with gangrene by that point and, with no hope of saving it, it was amputated right away.

My needs: I’m often described as a shy girl. I guess I’m just a bit scared of getting hurt again, but I can feel that I am ready to open up. When I first meet you, I won't necessarily approach you, but at the same time I won't run away either. I’ll even let you take me for a walk and, in time, once I know I can truly trust you, I’ll show off my zoomies. I'm already doing so much better than I once was, and I know I can do even better with someone who understands me and will help me feel comfortable and safe again. My name means “sky full of stars” in Thai, and I’m counting every one of those lucky stars that I’ll get the chance to find a home soon.