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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 6 months
Colour: Tan
Colour: Tan
Weight: 19 kg

The story of a canine castaway

Hello! I’m Gomez, a quirky, friendly and resilient boy looking for a home.

My story is so shocking and dramatic, it could be the plot of a Hollywood movie. At the end of 2022, my friend Gollus and I were abandoned on a tiny uninhabited island called Koh Kala. I’ve heard that humans dream of deserted tropical islands, but for us it was a terrifying nightmare. We were totally alone, without food, clean water or shelter. The cruel person who left us there must have known that we had no chance of surviving.

But just as we were losing hope, a boat appeared on the horizon. We were so surprised when we realised it was Soi Dog’s animal rescue officers coming to get us. They had received a call from a passing kayaker and rushed to our rescue.

At the shelter, the vets nursed us back to health from near starvation, and today we’re thriving. There aren’t enough licks, nuzzles or cuddles I can give to repay everyone for saving our lives, although I try!

Given what I’ve been through, I can be a little wary in certain situations, but generally I’m friendly and confident when interacting with people. I can be selective when it comes to other dogs though.   

Please enquire about me today. With my quirky little legs and cartoon-like expressions, I’m bound to entertain! Note: Although I was rescued with Gollus, we are not a bonded pair and we have different needs, so we are looking for our own individual homes.