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Hebe PS
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years
Colour: Black Sable
Weight: 18 kg
Behaviour Group: A/B
Location: Phuket
Origin: Phuket Shelter

Meet Hebe: Victim of horrific cruelty!

Group A/B

Life on the streets can be very unforgiving. My name is Hebe and I arrived at the shelter with a shocking wound on my back, after a kind Samaritan called the hospital explaining I had been deliberately attacked with a knife.

An Animal Rescue Officer was immediately dispatched to pick me up and raced me back to the Soi Dog hospital. Although the wound on my back was absolutely horrendous, I am lucky I was found shortly after my attack before infection had set in. I was rushed straight into surgery, where my wound was cleaned and stitched up and then endured weeks of aftercare, pain relief and antibiotics. While my wound healed well, it took a bit longer to heal my spirit.

I wanted to trust people but I still found it hard to let my guard down. After a few weeks of socialising with the staff and volunteer, my confidence grew. I now spend my days with the volunteers walking and cuddling. I feel lucky to be and alive and can only hope I find my furever home soon!

If you would like to adopt Hebe please EMAIL for more information.