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Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Colour: Black and Tan
Colour: Black and Tan
Weight: 12 kg

Boo!!! I see you says Isaboo!

My personality: sweet, curious, cute puppy that loves walking and exploring the world. 

My story:  My siblings and I were born near a construction camp on Phuket Island. When the camp moved we were left behind, alone and vulnerable.  Without our mother our chances of survival plummeted as we were in an area inhabited by unwelcoming people. Luckily, we were found by a kind person and brought us to Soi Dog’s shelter for safety. It has been about 6 months since we arrived at the shelter and I have grown into a sweet, friendly little lady who is ready to experience a home of my own and individual attention for the first time.

My needs: As I am still a puppy I will need to be taught how to live in your home. Toilet training and knowing which toys can be destroyed are just some of the things you can introduce me to.  I am a friendly, gentle dog who will be a great addition to any family. Please click the button below so that we can start our big adventure...