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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 8 months
Colour: Tabby

Sweet and bashful wallflower

I am a young kitty who was diagnosed with the FIV virus from birth. However this virus does not inhibit me from reaching my full potential. It is only being stuck here in a shelter that stops me.

Having lived in a shelter since I was a few months old, I am slightly shy when I meet someone at first. But my curious kitty instincts eventually take over and I say hello to all those who come by our FIV suite.

And guess what? If someone takes me in their arms, sometimes I cozy into their lap and refuse to leave! Yes, despite myself I enjoy these brief but amazing moments with the visitors and volunteers.

I wish to have my very own person soon because I know once I’ve settled down in a calm home, my personality will shine. I just need a kind-hearted, patient and understanding human who can adopt me and give me the chance to build my confidence.

I hope my whole life will not be spent inside the walls of my suite, looking out at everyone who walks by, hoping (secretly, of course) that they will see me and come over to give me a pat and a cuddle.

Am I being overlooked because I am an FIV+ cat?

If you have always wanted a special cat who needs you the most, then please don’t turn away without at least enquiring about me. Please email or click the "Adoption Enquiry" button below.

Please do not look away because I am FIV+. We are known to live just as long as most other cats out there if we are well cared for with some regular health checks. Please ask about adopting me today!

Note: Please read more about FIV cats here: