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Gender: Female
Age: 8 years and 3 months
Colour: Grey
Colour: Grey
Weight: 17 kg

A ray of sunshine

My personality: Very shy with strangers but very playful around the ones I trust.

My story: I came to Soi Dog in January 2021 to be spayed; however, the vets noticed that my left front leg was swollen, so they admitted me for treatment. The cause of the swelling was an old fracture that I must have been limping around with for a long time. Despite the vets’ best efforts, my leg couldn’t be saved and had to be amputated. Fortunately, I've adapted really well to life on three legs. I have no problem walking or jumping with excitement when I see someone I know.

My needs: As a naturally bashful girl, I don't really walk with people I don't know like most of the other dogs here do. Instead, I freeze and become like a statue. However, I’ll still let people touch me and give me some strokes and fuss. I’m looking for a patient adopter who can give me all the time I need to feel safe and comfortable in my new home. Could that be you? If you give me a chance, in time you’ll see a completely different side to me, the side that people describe as “like a ray of sunshine!”