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Gender: Male
Age: 6 years and 7 months
Colour: Tri colour
Colour: Tricolour
Weight: 21 kg

Life is fine and dandy when it's spent with a dog like Arandy

My personality: Charming, affectionate, somewhat stubborn.

My story: I am one of Soi Dog’s many amputees. Like the majority of three-legged residents here, I was injured in a car accident and left to languish at the side of the road. By the time I was rescued in October 2020, the nerves in my left front leg were destroyed and the muscle had all but wasted away. The vets at Soi Dog knew the only option was to amputate. Being the smart boy I am, I’d already adapted to walking on three legs on the streets, so after a period of rest, I was pretty much ready to go!

My needs: While I can get around just fine on three legs, it does get tiring, so I tend to stop periodically during my walks. This is a good way of recharging while also making time for those human cuddles I enjoy so much! Unfortunately, I don’t share this same affection for other dogs. I’ve tried, but I just can’t seem to get along with them. With this in mind, I’m looking for a home with no other dogs and no young children either. I know homes like these aren’t always easy to find, but I’m hopeful that there’s someone out there who fits the bill and can give me the cuddles and care I need. Could that someone be you? Life will be fine and dandy if you pick me, Arandy!