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Gender: Male
Age: 7 years
Colour: White & Tabby

Meow! My name is Jonto, and it’s a pleasure to meet you today. 

One of the first things you might notice about me is that I only have one ear. Don’t you think it makes me special? At least I like to think of myself as special, just as I am sure you are too, which makes us a great match. I suppose you might be wondering how such a thing happened. Luckily for you, I'm quite the storyteller.  

Once upon a time, I used to be a stray cat living on the streets. If I'm honest, life wasn’t very easy. There were a lot of things that scared me, like where my next meal would come from. But I managed to get by. Well, that was until I was three years old and one of my worst fears happened.  

I was very badly hurt and had a deep and infected wound on the right side of my head, which had become necrotic causing septicemia. It was so bad, that my ear was barely hanging on when I arrived, and the vets decided that my best chance of recovery was to remove it. The pain was really terrible but I think the hardest thing of all was having no one to look after me at first. It was very lonely and frightening.  

And then one day, my luck changed, and I was found and brought to Soi Dog where I immediately received treatment. If it wasn’t for animal lovers like you, I know that I probably wouldn’t be here today. 

I had a long recovery and spent quite a while in the hospital. But I am very happy to be in one of the cat suites with all my friends now. If you come and visit one day, you might see that I often wear a cone. Although my wound is all healed now, the cone is to protect the sensitive skin on my head.  

In fact, as we are getting to know one another, maybe I should share a little secret with you... I actually quite like to wear my cone as I tend to use it to my advantage. I’m a great big cuddle bug you see, so a gentle nudge with my cone helps to ensure that visitors always know I'm there. It really does work and I get lots of lovely snuggles. But please don’t tell anyone my secret – pinky paw promise? 

Do you like snuggles too? They are just my favourite! It’s been really lovely getting to know you. I don’t know what life is like where you are, but here it can be quite tough for us cats, which is why we are so grateful for your friendship and the difference it makes to our lives.  

I really hope you decide to sponsor me, then we can become great friends, and I can already tell you’re the kind of person I'd like to be friends with. And not only will our friendship be special between us, but for so many other cats too. Cats that are in need of help just like I once was. 

Take care now.

Sponsoring a dog or cat means that your donation will go towards Soi Dog's efforts helping the neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia. Your gift of sponsorship is used to help your sponsored dog or cat and all the other animals Soi Dog cares for to provide shelter, food & medicine and veterinary care.