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Gender: Female
Age: 7 years and 8 months
Colour: Calico

Hello there, my name is Odeng and it’s a purr-leisure to meet you today. I know we’re only just meeting for the first time, but I can already tell you’re a special person. Do you know how? Because I’m a special kitty!  

You see, I'm something that you might call a tripawd cat. It means that instead of four, I have three legs. And how do I know you’re special? Because you want to help a kitty like me! And that makes you very special in my eyes.  

You might be wondering how I lost my right front leg. Well, it all started when I lived on the streets. Life wasn’t very good then if I'm honest. There wasn’t much happiness, and it could be very lonely, which was especially sad as I’ve always been a friendly kitty with a big heart. It hurt not having anyone to share it with and I would go to sleep every night wishing for a real friend of my own.  

Things took a turn for the worse when I became injured. I don’t quite remember how it happened (I think probably due to the trauma), but I was found with an open wound on my front leg which was making it very difficult to walk and causing me immense pain. It was so bad, that some of my muscle had started to waste away.  

Luckily, things started to look up as soon as I arrived at Soi Dog! Sadly, my leg couldn’t be saved, but I was mostly just relieved not to be in pain anymore, and I wouldn’t let a silly thing like that get in my way!  

I’ll always be so grateful for the medical care I received that likely saved my life. I'm just as grateful to have the chance to be a sponsor cat as it means I get to meet people like you, and I hope we can become good friends – something that I have always wished for.  

And not only will you be gaining a new furry friend, but also helping to ensure that I continue to receive all the care I need which brings so much happiness to my life.  

If you choose to sponsor me, I promise to share my big heart with you, as well as sending three very special updates, including exclusive photos and videos, throughout the year. So, what do you say? Fur-iends paw-ever?  

Sponsoring a dog or cat means that your donation will go towards Soi Dog's efforts helping the neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia. Your gift of sponsorship is used to help your sponsored dog or cat and all the other animals Soi Dog cares for to provide shelter, food & medicine and veterinary care.