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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 8 months
Colour: Black

I was only a few weeks old and living on the streets when I was hit by a speeding car. The accident fractured my pelvis and both my back legs and dislocated the joint that connected my pelvis and spine. I was in agony and so very scared.

It is only thanks to people like you that Soi Dog was able to help me. Sadly, I had to have one of my legs removed as it could not be fixed and was causing me unbearable pain. The accident has also left me incontinent.

Despite all of this, I am such a happy little girl but my health problems mean it may take me longer to find a home of my own. You can help me by doing something very special and sponsoring my ongoing care here at the shelter. I promise to send you regular updates and pictures if you will be my friend and choose me as your sponsor dog.