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Denis Garneau

Secretary of Soi Dog Foundation International


Originally from Canada, Denis has spent most of his adult life in Switzerland.

After graduating from Zurich University (lic.phil.I) in 1980, he worked successively as a teacher, translator, editor and publisher until his retirement in 2016.

Denis and his wife first became aware of Soi Dog in February 2006 during a holiday in Phuket when they read an advertisement in the Phuket Gazette asking for donations to help with “feeding those who otherwise would go hungry”. They answered, met John and Gill shortly afterwards and have been ardent Soi Dog supporters ever since.

In 2007, they adopted two dogs from the Phuket government dog pound from where Soi Dog was still operating at the time and in 2020, adopted their latest rescue from Soi Dog, a tri-colour, tri-pawed dog named Nopparat.

Denis joined Soi Dog Foundation International in 2018 and serves as secretary to the board.